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 Holcim Lanka, a multinational
    in the distribution of   cement,     became   one of   the   latest     Srilankan    companies   to     Implement dianome.
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East meets West when     Kandysoft showcases the     Dianome sales force
    automation solution at
    Hong Kong ICT Expo
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Kandysoft Launches
    Dianome on 19th June
    at the CommunicAsia2007,
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East meets West, when Kandysoft showcases the Dianome Sales Force Automation Solution at Hong Kong ICT Expo
8 April, 2008

8 April, 2008: Australian company Kandysoft will launch its new Mobile Solution for Sales Force and Distribution Channel Management in Hong Kong next week, in response to the growing number of consumer goods companies with regional Asian operations.

The Dianome Field Sales and Trade Promotions Management System provide an effective solution for the complex Asian retail environment, where eastern and western shopping habits are converging.

Kandysoft will demonstrate the Dianome system at the Hong Kong International ICT

                   Hong Kong International ICT Expo

Expo, April 14-17. Kandysoft CEO Jayantha Ekenayake said that the company was investing heavily in regional marketing based on
some major trends. “Consumer Goods Manufacturers are setting up their regional headquarters in Honk Kong, Malaysia and
Singapore to service the growing number of international retailers as well as the more traditional stores and markets,” Mr. Ekenayake
said. “

That’s why we believe we are in the right place at the right time to be launching a product that helps improve productivity and retailer negotiations in consumer goods companies.” Mr. Ekenayake said the marketing function in particular would be interested in Dianome, which is the Greek word for “Distribution”.

“In the past decade or so, many companies have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, to consolidate and introduce business process improvement by using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems,” Mr. Ekenayake said

“Now they need to maximize the return on that investment by allowing their sales teams and management to access and update all that information in real-time. That’s what Dianome does, at a very competitive cost.” Dianome can operate as a standalone product using its own native business intelligence dashboards in a mobile, laptop or PC environment, and it can integrate seamlessly with the BI dashboards in Microsoft’s SharePoint Server and PerformancePoint Server.

Dianome is already proven in markets such as Sri Lanka and Pakistan and the company has established a beachhead in Hong Kong, winning a multinational consumer product customer in the region. “ They tell us that they have done significant research to find a
product like ours but found that we had overcome some of the telecommunications as well as business challenges of managing a
sales force in the sometimes quirky Asian environment,” Mr. Ekenayake says.

Dianome’s unique features include its ability to make efficient and economic use of narrow, unreliable communication bandwidth.
“It has the ability to handle many layers of distribution channels and still allow the regional Head Office a clear view of the grassroots
shop and consumer activity in real-time,” Mr. Ekenayake says. “This leads to more effective promotional planning and stock placement.”

About Dianome
Dianome is a Field Sales, Channel and Promotions Management System built on the versatile .NET framework. Modular and reusable components provide the benefits of shorter implementation time and considerable cost savings. Dianome’s enormous flexibility allows
it to be used in almost any product distribution business. Dianome interfaces with any back-end system such as the popular ERP
systems from SAP, Oracle and Baan.

About Kandysoft Australia
Kandysoft is a one-stop software developer and outsourcer that provides global companies with high quality, dependable custom
products and services. Headquartered in Adelaide, South Australia, the company combines the strengths of Australian innovation and flexibility with Sri Lankan development talent and unbeatable value.

The company’s suite of products and services includes an offshore software development facility; a software application linking business processes throughout the Distribution Chain; a web based Business Intelligence tool; a Building Maintenance Management Application;
a Sales Information System; a convergent Point of Sale (PoS) and Loyalty Management Application; a web based Newsletter Campaign Management Application and an Online Shopping Cart.

Media contacts:
Jayantha Ekenayake, Jayantha.ekenayake@kandysoftglobal.com, +61 (0)424 954 858
Denis Wall, denis.wall@kandysoftglobal.com, +61 (0) 418 847 138
Kandysoft Australia Pty Ltd, +61 (08) 7221 2822
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