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Dianome - Sales & Distribution System
hat Differentiates Dianome from the Rest

Product Information
    the rest?

Latest News
 Holcim Lanka, a multinational
    in the distribution of   cement,     became   one of   the   latest     Srilankan    companies   to     Implement dianome.
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East meets West when     Kandysoft showcases the     Dianome sales force
    automation solution at
    Hong Kong ICT Expo
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Kandysoft Launches
    Dianome on 19th June
    at the CommunicAsia2007,
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 Ease of use
Dianome has evolved over 7 years period into its current form and during these years, our UI designers have  studied our clients    requests, requirements etc. and have incorporated features such as easy navigation, data capture methods, task automation where    possible, etc to facilitate the operation.

  Introducing tried and tested Business Processes:
   Due to vast number of studies conducted by our implementation experts, Dianome comes with off-the-shelf business templates and    best practices to match many differing businesses. Customers can either utilise these resources at no costs or select a closely match    template and modify s per new requirements. The knowledge in field data collection, efficient business processes to suite, integrate
   with effective real-time business intelligence system with actionable information differentiates Kandysoft even further apart from the rest    of our competition in this space.

  Flexible configuration:  
   Dianome allows companies to configure the application rather than the companies having to change their structures, business    proceses etc. This feature allows companies to spend less time in implementation of Dianome as there are  very little customisation
   or new development work required to match your organisation requirements.

  Field tested communication subsystem:
   Dianome has been field tested in the emerging markets where the telecommunication and data communication infrastructure is
   primitive and difficult to accomplish reliable transmit ion of data from and to the field. With all these external limitations, Dianome has    exceeded its expectations and is able to fulfill customer requirements without any compromise to customer’s business.

  Modular architecture:  
    Dianome has built on using latest technologies and has incorporated a modular architecture in its design allowing customers  to
    choose many modules i.e. Mobile field force, Distributor, sub distributor module, etc.

Higher ROI:
   Dianome’s mix and match of required modules allows you to control initial costs. The functionality you get compared to the
   investment is very high.