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Dianome - Sales & Distribution System
usiness Model

Product Information
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Domain Knowledge
The business architecture of the Dianome has been derived base on many redistribution business behaviors which Kandysoft studied during past few years. This domain knowledge contains distribution processes of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Tobacco industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Stationary distribution and Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) industry. Therefore Dianome has the
functionality and ability to adapt to most of these businesses.

Business Model
Dianome should be able to accommodate following business scenarios. After initial study of your business requirements, Dianome configuration process will allow you to map Dianome into your business structure and process in a very short time.

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Business Model

The business behavior can vary from direct sales by Head Office to complicated distribution process such as having sub
Distributors under one Distributor. Two types of business scenarios such as third party redistribution and supper market channel which handle by Head Office can be managed as two business channels in one Dianome implementation.

Customization with Business Process

The important feature of the product is customization ability according to the behavior of business structure i.e. your channel structure.

1. Key management entities and their process of the Distribution Channel
    a. Distributors
    b. Sub Distributors
    c. Depots

2. Behaviour of the Item/Product portfolio
    a.The item/product structure is an important factor for a organisation with distribution of products trough a channel hierarchy
       and can contains many attributes such as number of level in the structure, batch numbers, expiry date, Manufacture date
       unit of measure (UOM) with multiple pricing structure..

3. Employee Structure and its behaviour
   a. Employees in such organisations described above could have different levels and their behaviour and reporting hierarchy        differs according to the responsibilities. These employees can be attached to any management entity base on the
       company business policies. i.e. Regional Managers, sales Managers, Company Sales Representatives, Distributor Sales        Representatives, Merchandisers, Cash collectors, Drivers, Helpers.

4. Geographical management structure
    a. Most sales and distribution organisations have divided their business territory in to manageable size of physical areas
        base on some business factors such as sales volume and number of distributors, retailers per squire kilometre.

    b. The way of implementing key business factors such as Ordering, Targets, Planning, Invoicing, Discounts, Tax and
        Product returns.

    c. The way of handling key business processes are differ from one company to another. i.e. some companies uses order         conversion method for their sales and some uses direct invoicing method.

5. Required information and their format at each level
    a. Dianome has already built-in Data Warehouse with multidimensional cubes providing various slice and dice, Dishoarding
        and reporting capability with real-time field data to the management. Dianome also has tight integration to Microsoft         SharePoint 2007 and Performance products which provide customers unparalleled business intelligence and reporting         capability.

All of the above mentioned areas can be further customized if required according to the customer business requirement.

Include/Exclude business processes
Most differing business processers can be configured by the Dianome business setting module. The availability of any business process can vary with the company’s business policies and practices. Therefore, the main business processes have developed
as customizable components which can plug in at the time of implementation. i.e. Dianome would be able to exclude Discount process if company does not required discounts for its customers etc.

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